Who We Are

Bayker Italia, a company that offers floor and wall tiles, is based in the heart of a district specialized in ceramic for interior design and architecture.

Our catalogue can satisfy both the great importer and the simple retail network. 

We are a worldwide presence and  for each nation we have either a direct subsidiary or a local Agency to which our customers can refer.

Our experience was born with small sizes, especially 10x10, and we are still strong in distributing the 10x10 and 10x30, which have become niche products. Continuing along this path, more decorative, colored and bright, we experiment on new sizes:  20x20, hexagonal, 10x20 as we strive to be a unique and innovative presence on the market.

At the same time, floor and wall tiles capable to meet large volumes demands are also a source of research and implementation in very contemporary sizes such as 15x60, 15x90, 20x80, 20x120, 16x42, 20x50.  We use highest standard in the choice of materials as  well as in the definition of the aesthetic features. 

Our warehouse, highly automated, is capable of providing the vast majority of our products within 2 to 4 working days, due to a supply policy focused on the immediate satisfaction of the client demand. 

To meet the needs of customers, Bayker constantly updates its collections and, starting from 2008, offers an expanded and completely renovated range of products.


To the traditional small sizes are added new collections of floor and wall tiles with different sizes such as 10x30cm e il 12,5x50cm.

Bayker vista da Google Streetview

Bayker vista da Google Streetview (Dicembre 2011)

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